Silence Is A Learned Behavior

~ Brandon M. McKinnie

1 Thessalonians 4: 11 - and to make it your ambition to live quietly and peacefully, and to mind your own affairs and work with your hands, just as we directed you, 

Has anyone ever called or texted you with some news about something or someone? They may even call is having "The Tea"? Was the news so juicy that you wanted to just go in about it and spread it to everyone you knew? Many of us can say yes to these questions.
We can be so quick to just talk about the subject and not think about how it would feel if we were the subject of discussion. Hmmm, some of us just talk, talk, and talk; we oftentimes don't realize that we are spending a lot of time and negative energy minding someone else's business and not tending to ours. This is where we must learn to be quiet. 


Everything that we hear and read about doesn't warrant a response. We must study as the scripture above states to be quiet and to mind our own business.

So here are a few ways that I believe can help us to learn how to be quiet about some things:
  1. Don't respond to everything you read on social media.
  2. When someone calls, texts, or inboxes you about someone else's issue inform them that you are minding your own business.
  3. Pray about the situation.
  4. ***Add to this list***

When we learn to be quiet about the things we hear, read, or even see we can remain focused on what we have going on in our lives. If we can't be of any help to the situation, we must be quiet about it.

I, personally have not always been quiet about everything that has been brought to my attention. I've even texted and called others about things I knew, heard or seen. As I get older I've found that it's sometimes best to just be quiet and mind my own business.

What are your thoughts? Give me a scenario where you had to be quiet about a situation? If you responded, what was your response and what it beneficial to the subject?